“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

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Video productions for SEO

I have made a significant grow in the quality of my productions. Starting with a handycam making street interviews as a activist journalist I ended filming and editing an 8 day event, interviewing the founder of the socialist party and other political celebrities. When my girlfriend and I took off for a world trip I took a drone with me with a 4K camera. I made a beautiful documentary in the Black and White desert in Bahariya, Egypt. On the road I paid our hotels and guesthouses with low budget video productions and paid my dentist with one.

Having a video-animation on your website is a great tool to present your service or product. When your video is uploaded it’s important to have the keywords entered properly and have a professional description. This way your youtube-video will appear in the search results in the search engines!

Main Benefits


ShanTVision SEO Webdesign and drone aerial video and photography Giza, Cairo, Egypt
  • Increases traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase popularity


Ranking a website in the long term is not just about building a lot of links. It’s also about creating high-quality content that will attract links naturally over time.

However, one type of content that still is under-utilised in the world of SEO is online video. Although a lot of brands are incorporating great video content into their online marketing strategies, most SEO’s don’t place a very high priority on it. Usually, they opt for creating various other types of content (e.g., infographics, images, written content, etc.).

If used properly, video can be an extremely powerful form of content and make a significant contribution to your overall SEO strategy, in more ways than one.

Avoiding a Common Trap and Defining Your Goals
Although the idea of producing a video might seem like a “very nice” idea, it’s important to remember that it must compliment to your overall SEO strategy and generate a return on investment (ROI).

If you fail to define your goals in the early stages, not only will the video end up costing you (or your client) a lot of money, it will be money thrown away that could have been spent better somewhere else.

Many SEOs will commission the creation of an expensive, cool-looking infographic without putting enough thought into the overall goal. They get blinded by the idea that “infographics build links” without stopping to think whether they want the infographic to increase conversions, increase high-quality traffic (i.e., visitors who are likely to convert to paying customers), or simply provide off-page SEO benefits (i.e., links).

It’s the same with video content. You need to know what you want to get out of it. Without knowing this, it will be difficult to conceptualise/commission a production that has any hope of successfully captivating the intended audience and leading to your desired goals.

What are Your Goals?
From an SEO point of view, there really are only two main goals that you possibly could have – to build links and generate social shares or to increase conversions.

Shantvision - SEO Holland Netherlands Webdesign Photography Video

Let’s start by looking the first benefit mentioned above…

1. Build Links/Generate Social Shares
If it’s done well, a video can generate a large number of links for a website; and often from some pretty reputable domains, too.

The problem is there’s so much online video content around that unless you create an exceptional video and have a great outreach/marketing plan, its success is probably going to be limited.

People don’t link to or share any old rubbish these days. So, to get the success you’re looking for, it’s important for you to really think about who you want to share the video and who you want to link to it.

Essentially, your video has to offer something to the viewer. It might make them laughs, educate them, amaze them, shock them, or annoy them (or even a combination of these). The point is it needs to evoke a strong enough emotional reaction so that they’ll want to share it, either by clicking the Tweet/Share button or by writing a post about it on their blog/website (with a link back to your site, of course).

What You’ll Get

ShanTVision offers great video that will bring more visitors to your website
Video adds to satisfy Panda and thus SERP Ranking.
Not many people know but video enhances your CTR (Click Through Rate)!
Good Video’s give quality backlinks to your site.
Pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.
A video on your site adds to the trust people have in your product or service.

Case Studies

Real Estate Video

This is made for a Belgian Real Estate Agent. Google ‘Huis met stal te koop‘ (House with stables for sale) and you will find the video in the top ten. Notice there is no location in the search terms!


This guesthouse has had a sales rise of 20% since the website with the video came online!

Google ‘Guesthouse Arambol‘ to see where the website (arambol.luciano.guesthouse. aroundtheworld.lol) and video appear in Google.

Bahariya Desert

This safari video was made during our trip in Egypt. Look at the google video results if you google ‘Bahariya Safari‘ or ‘Bahariya Desert‘ . (Note that the video shown is different from the video in google search as the video shown here has ShanTVisons logo in it)


ShanTVision SEO, Webdesign, drone aerial video and photography

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Shantvision - SEO Holland Netherlands Webdesign Photography Video