Marketing Technology

  • WebDesign

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Photography

  • (aerial) Video

  • Innovation

“If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy.”

– Jim Metcalf
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Connecting your brand with Customers

We will analize the needs of your customer and the strong and weak points of your product or service. We will make a strong point and a selling point of your weakness. Then your advertisement campaign will be implemented in the website. With infographics your strong points will be emphasized and your brand and logo connected to these qualities.

Main Benefits

  • Branding
  • Strong presentation
  • Conviction
Shantvision - SEO Holland Netherlands Webdesign Photography Video



What You’ll Get

Design Logo

ShanTVision designs your logo’s.


ShanTVision will work with you to develop a fresh, professional and original presentation


We will talk about what kind of infographics you want and what they should provoke.


We will talk about the keywords that are most important for your product or service.


Choose your target group and design your advertisement campaign towards them

Domain name

ShanTVision will find a cool and SEO friendly domain name!
Shantvision - SEO Holland Netherlands Webdesign Photography Video

Case Studies


Lokaal Geld (Local Currency)

Addressing the need for complementary currencies in a world where regular currencies are in a currency war!


People’s court

Bring humans and human rights back into the justicial system.


New Technology School

School for Nepalese students learning to set up their own business.

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