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Working on your excellent presentation

ShanTVision is a webdesign company. I work with WordPress. It is an affordable professional CMS (Content Management System where your webpages dynamically change) for small businesses. Webdesign is a serious profession. It is your business that we want to present and leave an impression of quality and reliability.

ShanTVision is happy to be able to offer different disciplines adding to your project. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Photography and (Aerial) Video. These complement eachother seamlessly.

We make websites in the Dutch and English language. For more information contact me below.

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SEO, Webdesign and photography for The Lazimpat Hotel and Apartments Kathmandu
Shantvision - SEO Holland Netherlands Webdesign Photography Video

Search Engine Optimisation


ShanTVision started as a SEO service. Since then I started to offer webdesign realizing webdesigners have mostly no clue about SEO. It’s absolutely better if your webdesigner implements SEO techniques straight from the start. Many people come to me for SEO purposes showing me their beautiful website and wondering why they are not high in the search engines. When I explain that these are two different professions and they are faced with more costs and effort they are mostly seriously disappointed.

ShanTVision produces websites with SEO in mind from the first moment to the last.

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And editting

ShanTVision offers great photography for your project. From aerial photography for your real estate, hotel, factory or business location to interiour photography or portraits and group pictures. ShanTVision is a semi-professional photographer but few will see the difference.

Capturing the right moment and right angle presenting you and your business on a professional and fresh way is my aim. ShanTVision can edit your images and implement logo’s, watermarks or special effects ro them.

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SEO for Around the World on a Royal Enfield through India
ShanTVision SEO Webdesign and drone aerial video and photography Black and White desert, Baharya, Egypt


Including Aerial Video

ShanTVision offers video to promote your product or service, but also Aerial video for your real estate, factory, attraction or hotel. With different camera’s ShanTVision is able to produce stunning presentations. With little means we offer video for competitave prices.

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ShanTVision is now in Portugal and offers Real Estate video for reduced prices!


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